For immigration, embassies, courts, notary Public, wills, etc…

For documents issued within and outside UAE

Attesting your certificates is the first essential step you will have to take when relocating to other countries.  Without proper documentation, not only will it be hard for you to relocate, but also staying in a foreign land will prove to be a hell on earth. Once you are through with documentation, the next step it to authenticate your documents. Duly authorized documents are often one of the core requirements for significant transactions in the city of Dubai. Transactions may include looking for employment or changing your social status or even renewing your visa.

If you are not aware of the full attestation process, authenticating your certificates may prove to be a draining and daunting ordeal, and it is advisable that you conduct a professional body to help you go through the process.

At certificate attestation services in Dubai, we give highly professional services at very affordable prices and are devoted to providing unrivaled services to our customers without compromising our quality. We have a fundamental process in place to ensure that all our customer’s applications are approved on the first try. Knowing how important attestation is to an individual, we do our best not only to make it fast but also to make right. Through our experience, we have acquired an in-depth comprehension of the legislative configuration and regulations of the local government.

We do know that the government of Dubai keeps updating the process of the attestation of certificates for security purposes, and we as well update our services to keep on track with the ever-changing requirements. As a result, we at Certificate Attestation services Dubai make sure that we keep our professionals up to date on any adjustments made to the process. Whether you want to attest your certificate or to authorize your affidavit, our well trained and competent staff is sure to handle your particular needs effectively and efficiently. You can get in touch with us for consultation on the quotes regarding your needs, and we will gladly comply with you. We also assist in all PRO work and all other documentation services. We give you the chance to keep an eye on how things are going on by allowing you to follow your status and regularly updating you, and we offer fast delivery and collection within known addresses in Dubai.

Authentication and validation are required for various documents, and our services cover documents such as:

  • Affidavit
  • Marriage certificate
  • Power of attorney
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Graduation diploma or degrees
  • Wills (for Non-Muslims)