Certified translation, sometimes called “legal translation” or “sworn translation”, is one of our most-requested services, due to the fact that a certified translation is formally verified and can be used for official and legal purposes.

Documents that typically require a certified translator or a sworn translator include birth certificates, marriage documents, divorce certificates and university degrees. To ensure accuracy and legitimacy, your certified translator or sworn translator will be experienced, skilled and registered with the necessary translation authorities.

With certified translation it is essential that accuracy is the highest priority. Your certified translator or sworn translator will check, re-check and check again to ensure the document for certified translation is 100% accurate.

Sworn Translation

We have sworn and licensed translators to provide legal translation accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Justice and are registered members of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) which means that all of our translations attest to the professional translation requirements of the Association and are fully certified. Each certified translation is stamped and allocated a unique reference number for immediate identification by your certified translator.

Certified Translation

Another service frequently called upon is the provision of an affidavit. This means that once Translation Gate Services has translated a document, the certified translator or sworn translator who carried out the work will have it signed off in person by himself/herself as a legal translator under Oath, verifying the accuracy of the certified translation. What this means is that the certified translation document is legally sound and can therefore be used in legal proceedings.

At Translation Gate Services we carry our certified translation services for a large range of languages. Some of the most frequently requested languages include Italian, Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, Urdu, German and Persian. However, languages such as Polish, Russian, Greek, Dutch and Swedish are also all available for certified translation.