Proofreading Services

Proofreading services exist to ensure that your documents are free of embarrassing mistakes before they go to press or online. Proofreading is a skill that requires a real eye for detail and in depth knowledge of your audience or target market which gives our proofreading services a cutting edge.

At Translation Gate Services we have extensive experience of providing proofreading services for companies, large organizations and individuals. Our editors not only check multilingual material to correct errors in grammar and spelling but, most importantly, they review the text according to your company’s guidelines.

Translation Gate Services editors work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery of our proofreading services, which is often essential in matters of business and law.

Proofreading Editing Service

The very best proofreading services know how to follow the rules, but also understand when to break them for good effect. Proofreading services are indispensable in a highly competitive economic environment and copy editing is your last defense line against bad writing.

To provide proofreading services our editors come from backgrounds as diverse as Marketing and Journalism, our proofreading editors can also give you practical guidance or craft your message in such a way it will maximize the impact on your audience.

Our proofreading services also include keeping an eye out for libel (defamatory untruths that could lead to lawsuits) and errors of fact. Being extremely detail-focused, our editors are familiar with a variety of resources like word processing software, style guides and dictionaries.

Looking for a First-Class Proofreading Service?