Typing Service

We create professional and standard correspondence such as letters, reports, manuscripts, contracts/agreements, memorandum of association, article of association, power of attorney, certificates, newsletters, term papers, books, mailing lists, memoirs, theses, proposals, manuals and etc… in a good format with sense.

Transcription Service

We transcript also business meetings, seminars, correspondence, interviews, reports, background notes, manuscripts, books, memoirs, theses, business proposals and etc… in a high understanding, comprehension and accurate typography.

Transcription may be submitted on audio tapes, CD, DVD, mp3, mp4 or any digital formats.

Translation Gate Services in Dubai provide typing and transcription services with our professional, qualified and fastest typists ranging in the speed of 100 to 130 word per minute in the following fields:

Complete Typing


Secretarial Works

Virtual Assistant

Proofreading and

Data Entry Services

Looking for a Professional Typing and Transcription Service?